Get Paid for your tips

Do you have the best local knowledge of your friends. Do you live in London? Want to get paid for your tips?

How much can I make?

Yakkers on the scheme are paid £0.50 per accepted tip.

How do I join the scheme

If you think you have what it takes to become a paid tipper, drop us an email on explaining who you are, where you live and what kind of tips you will be uploading. It helps if you have already created a few tips on Yaknak so we can judge your standard. You must live in London to take part.

What happens next

If you are accepted, we will email you back within 24 hours to say welcome onboard. We will also ask you for your account details at this stage so we can pay you quickly and easily.

How do I submit my tips

After every 40 tips you upload you need to email us at a screenshot of your profile page, we will then decide which of your tips qualify for payment. You can do this as many times as you like, but please be sure to submit a screenshot at every 40 tip interval (10,20,30,40 etc). We cannot sort through larger or smaller stacks of tips than this.

How can I be sure my tips will be accepted

We are looking for great pieces of insider knowledge and will pay you for any tip that we think provides value for our users. This can be anything but is unlikely to be accepted if it is too generic or uninteresting. On average 40% of submitted tips are accepted.